We’ve all been there as entrepreneurs and small business owners, lacking drive and excitement for our business at times. Let’s face it, biz life can deal big highs and big lows so in this post we talk about ways to stay motivated in your small business so during the lows you can climb your way back up and get your business mojo on the go again!


1. Do What You Love



Recently I listened to a podcast by Social Media Examiner where the guest speaker found his motivation again by simply doing what he loved in business. Makes sense right? If you’re passionate about what you do in your business then the motivation will come naturally. For example, if you love using Instagram to market your business then do that! If you adore email marketing then focus on that. If you love it then it won’t be a chore and you’ll be super driven to keep it up consistently.

Adore Action: Write down what you love doing in your business and focus on those activities. For the other jobs, you can outsource it, there are so many freelancers and self-employed small biz owners across many fields. Another idea is to “eat the frog first” and do the jobs you don’t like doing at the start of the day so you can spend the rest of it doing what you love.


2. Reflect on Why You Are in Business



do what you love


Remember when you had wild dreams about starting something for yourself? The passion and the urgency, something for you! What drove you to start your business? Was it to suit your lifestyle? Was it to solve a problem for others? Was it because you were so madly die-hard passionate about what you wanted to offer? Whatever the reason, remember what sparked it and engage with that again to help you stay motivated in your business.

Adore Action: If you haven’t done a vision board it’s a very inspiring way to reflect and refocus what you want for your business. You can create a digital vision board or do it the old school way with a bit of cut and pasting.


3. Think About How Your Business Impacts Your Customers


There’s nothing like thinking about what your product or service offers your customers and the problem it solves for them to motivate you. Think about the end user and the struggles they had before they found you! What you offer them is unique to you because it’s your heart, your personality and your ideas that only you can offer them.

Adore Action: Have you done a customer avatar yet? This is a great way to dive deep and truly understand who they are, what they need and the solution you provide to them. Below we’ve shared an infographic with key categories to explore to create your Avatar. Pin it to your Pinterest board so you can use it later.


Customer Avatar



4. Review Your Product or Service Offer





Putting time into reviewing your offer can often spark new ideas and what a great way to not only motivate you but also to grow your business. There’s nothing better than a new idea to drive motivation at work, the vision, the planning and bringing it to life.


5. Engage With Your Customers




It really can be as simple as talking to your customers to help you stay motivated in your small business. Staying in touch with them will help you continue to service them in the right way. Listen and learn from them for ways to improve your business, you never know, they might have some product ideas for you.

Adore Action: Put together a quick survey and email your customers. You could even provide an incentive for them to fill it out as we all know time is precious. Try a discount code on their next offer. It might also incentivise them for another purchase.


6. Connect With Like-Minded Business Owners



Girl Boss


If your business mojo is low then pick up the phone or have a coffee with a fellow small business owner. Chat things through with them and you’ll discover they’ve most likely been through this too and may offer some encouraging advice or inspiration. Even chatting about business losses and wins can re-ignite the passion in your business.

Adore Action: Do you have a business buddy? It could be someone in the same or similar field. Reach out to someone and help each other keep accountable for your businesses.


7. Take a Mini Business Break




Need an excuse to get away? Take yourself off a weekend! Clear space in the calendar and book somewhere that you can either take a complete break from your biz so you can come back refreshed. Or perhaps you go away with your business, take a break by the water and gather some inspiration while giving yourself time to work on your business, which we all know there’s not a lot of time to do that.

If going away isn’t an option for you, then perhaps take an afternoon off and go to the café or the park. You never know what inspiration might land in your lap while breathing in the fresh air.

Adore Action: Open up your diary and schedule in some time for your getaway or your afternoon off.


8. Read a Book



Read a book


Do you take time to read? A lot of big entrepreneur’s these days seem to have one or two books up their sleeves like Gary Vee, Guy Kawasaki, Lisa Messenger and Kate Toon (some of my personal faves)! Usually, these books are really motivational and can re-inspire you to get excited and try new things! I’ve just picked up Arianna Huffington’s Thrive, I can’t wait to jump in and get back in touch with myself and my biz!


That’s How you Stay Motivated in Your Small Business

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