Let’s face it, you are the boss! You’ve worked so hard on launching your business and perhaps you’ve even been working in it for some time. If you’re ready to nail your small business marketing then you’ve landed in the right place. Read on to discover 5 tips to master marketing like a boss!


1. Review Your Business and Marketing Goals


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If you’ve been working towards the same goals time and time again then it could be time for a change.

Start at the beginning and make sure your goals are still on track. If they’re not, then re-write your goals, set new ones, complete new challenges. Not only will it make your marketing more on point because you will be more clear on what needs to be done (with intention of course) it will also motivate you in your small business again, reigniting the fire! Now, who wouldn’t want that?


2. Analyse the analytics




Business marketing is exciting, feeling that buzz when the sale alert pings is THE.BEST. You think to yourself, damn that must’ve been an amazing social media post because I just landed a sale! It’s time to get honest with yourself because if this is how you’re measuring the success of your marketing campaigns, then slap up another insta post and see what happens, right? Wrong!

STOP. Stop right now. It’s time to start looking at your analytics to see what’s actually working. How do you do this? Set up a template that lets you track your results and fill it in every month for each marketing project. Once you can see what strategies aren’t working then you can stop spending time on them and focus on the marketing strategies that ARE. After all, your small business marketing needs to work as hard as your kids work at looking like they’re picking up their toys without actually doing it!



3. Plan Your Marketing Calendar




Now that you know your workhorse marketing strategies, put in some time to plan out more of them! It’s that simple. Set up a 12-month calendar and mark your biggest promotional times of the year. Next, plan out in advance on what marketing assets you need to support the promotional periods or product launches. Look no further for a simple but effective marketing content calendar that you can put into action today – no more excuses!

ADORE TIP: Yes, you need YOUR OWN content and assets, especially on social media as reposting others content is just not going to cut the mustard in growing your business.


4. Plan Your Content Calendar


Content Calendar


Whoop! Not another calendar, yikes! You kinda have to be a little OCPI (Obsessive Compulsive Planner and Implementer) to run your small business marketing strategies. Breaking down each element of your marketing campaigns into smaller bite-sized calendars definitely makes it manageable and hooray, more effective! I’m talking about ensuring everything you do in marketing your small business is done intentionally. If you don’t plan it out or you do it on the fly, your precious time and effort will be wasted.

ADORE TIP: At Adore, we are project and planning junkies, it’s what makes us tingle (YO don’t be judgey) and keep the fire in the belly going because we do suffer from OCPI, and we love it! We’ve made it easy for you and put together the Ultimate Social Media Planning and Posting Guide so you can supercharge your content and master your small business marketing.


5. Make a Big Impact with Your Marketing Implementation


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You have your calendars and you have your content. It’s time to implement! Use a scheduling tool like the Aussie app Plannthat, planoly.com or schedugram for social media. Most email platforms allow scheduling too but before you get to the scheduling stage you need to consider how to make your content work hardest for you. If you have a new blog post then think strategically about when you will push that post live and how you can stretch it far and wide. Prepare a social media post to promote it on your social channels and set up an email blast around the topic and link out to your website.

ADORE TIP: Your email list are your VIP’s. They’ve given you their email address so make sure you send an email to them first before splashing it on social media. You may even want to give your email subscribers some secret sauce so they know you Adore them and allow you to keep them as a subscriber.


That’s How you Master Your Small Business Marketing like a boss

Marketing is a very processed discipline that takes an investment of your time. The more planned and organised you are the more effective your small business marketing ideas will be. Adore Marketing Collective are Inner West Marketing Project Managers and we can help you plan out your marketing calendar or implement your marketing campaigns for you. Drop us a line today and let’s see how we can take the load off you and be your personal Marketing Manager.

Something for you! We have access to The Ultimate Social Media Planning & Posting Guide And we’d love to share it with you. Join us here and it will be yours!

Adore your business and see you online, Natalie xx


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