When you have a business, of course marketing your small business online is essential but with so many digital marketing strategy options, it’s hard to know what to do for your business. Where do you start? It can be boggling. In this article, I talk about how to navigate basic online marketing strategies to start generating awareness and leads for your business, go team! 



Let’s start from the very beginning, your website! That is the first place that will pop up in relevant Google searches (more on the Google beast later) so a website is mandatory. A website is your owned digital marketing landscape. Well, it is hosted by another company but it doesn’t belong to any social media powerhouses that can make changes in a heartbeat and upturn your strategy overnight. Aren’t we all familiar with that!?  Your website is a place where you can wax lyrical about your business, express wholeheartedly what you do and share with the world your brilliant self.

PRO TIP: If you have time you can build your website yourself but it’s not as easy as it looks. You want the design to be representative of your brand and set up correctly to be found by Google. I recommend engaging with a website designer that can do both beautifully.


Social Media Channels

Now that you have your bright, beautiful, shiny website you need your customers to be able to find it, otherwise, what’s the point?!  Social media is an effective way to not only connect with your audience but also to drive traffic to your website.  The best place to start is to secure your brand’s social media presence on all of the main channels, even if you don’t use them all e.g. Facebook, Instagram (my personal favourite), LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Next, you need to develop a social media strategy to ensure the precious time you spend developing and posting content is helping you achieve your business goals. Otherwise, you’re just posting for social media’s sake which won’t generate leads. Don’t let social media be a time killer you need to own it, drive it and work it baby to get the leads you need.

PRO TIP: Choose ONE social media channel so you won’t be overwhelmed. Once you have the hang of things you can consider to be on two social media platforms. OR you can hire a super duper passionate social media manager, we know how the channels work and can do the hard work for you.


Digital Directories

There are hundreds of online digital directories and if you’re at least listed in a few then your business has more chance of being found online.  First stop is Google My Business. This will help locals to find your business, show a google map of your business location and Google will love you for setting it up, and we all want to make the google beast a happy one!

Other directories you should consider to list on is Google+, Yahoo and Yelp.


Promoting your online message

Now that you are all set up, it’s time to start spreading the word because it wouldn’t be fair to keep all of your biz goodness from the world! It’s time to grow your awareness and here are four online marketing strategies to kick-start you on your way.


1. Email marketing

Email marketing is not dead people. Yes, we have extremely full inboxes, for me try wrangling four email accounts with an unsightly amount of emails! However, did you know email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel – including social and search according to Mailmunch. It’s time to take email marketing seriously, not just sending out a monthly newsletter either. There are so many benefits to an effective email campaign including that it’s YOUR email list. Again it doesn’t belong to Facebook, it belongs to you and you can deliver whatever message you want DIRECTLY to your existing or potential customer. How powerful is that?

PRO STAT: Did you know 90% of email gets delivered to the intended recipient’s inbox versus your Facebook posts that only gets seen by 2% of your audience. You can’t ignore it any longer.


2. Blogging

Your blog is a place that gives you a platform to communicate your business message and share value with your audience. There is an art to blogging and a way in which it should be done to improve your search rankings and make Google love you, including the use of headings and keywords.

I adore blogging, think of your blog as your content hub, housing all the good stories about your business that you can then share out to all your social channels, including your email list.


3. Start posting on social media

When you nurture the relationship with your audience through valuable content that’s educational, entertaining or inspiring then you’ve taken the first step to converting them to a customer.  Use a mix of content and don’t always push your product or service as nobody will buy from you. Your audience needs to get to know you, fall in love with you, then they will trust and buy from you.

PRO TIP FOR INSTAGRAM: Use the 4-3-2 rule on where every 4 posts in 9 are adding value to your audience. Every 3 posts should be about your brand personality and every 2 posts in 9 can be used to promote your offer or product.


4. Online advertising

Online advertising can be an effective way to spread your message or to promote your offer. Facebook Advertising, Google Adwords, or display advertising (e.g. banners) are all great ways to reach your target audience enticing them over to your website to learn more about your business and potentially convert.


That’s the online marketing basics done

Now you have the basic structure of how to market your business online you need to get moving and start implementing to help secure new leads. If you need assistance with any of these areas Adore Marketing Collective has a great team of digital marketers that can help build and implement these strategies for you.  Alternatively, you can review our DIY marketing and social media strategies and try it for yourself.

Adore your marketing, Natalie xx


Over to you

I’d love to know, which digital strategies do you use to promote your business?

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