When you work for yourself you often become the face of your business and part of the brand personality. When this happens you need to inject yourself into your brand, and by that, I mean a personal branding photoshoot. In this article, I discuss 5 things you need to know to help plan your personal branding photoshoot so it goes off without a hitch and you capture the content you need.


1. Creating a brand personality

If you haven’t established a clear branding strategy for your business then now is the time to do it before investing in a photo shoot. There are questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How does my brand represent my business?
  • What does my brand need to look like to appeal to my target audience?
  • What colours represent the brand?
  • What is my brand does my brand stand for and what is the tagline?


If you connect with a brand and design specialist then they will help you work through the requirements to develop your brand personality.


2. Photo shoot ideas and inspiration

It’s absolutely so important to establish a mood board for your shoot. You can set up a Trello or Pinterest board with loads of inspiration. The mood board will also form part of your photography brief so the photographer is clear on what you want to capture in your images. Some things you need to think about are:

  • What mood do I want to portray and how can I communicate that? Happy, energised, focused.
  • What do I want to wear that represents my brand? Power suits, casual wear, seasonal wear.
  • What colours should I use that suit my brand? Think about your Instagram feed and what would look good on the feed.
  • Do I need props to bring my shoot to life? Are props relevant and can you use them to help tell a story in your images?
  • What location will best represent my brand? Do I need to be in an office, a café or outside? Location is important.


PRO TIP: I recommend you have several outfit choices to create multiple looks, style and pieces of content. When choosing outfits make sure you have different styles covered from dressy to casual and you absolutely need to feel comfortable in the clothes too.


3. Planning your content

You need to be clear on what you will use your photos for so you can make sure you’re capturing the images you need. This will also form part of your photography brief.  If you’re particularly organised, a shot list would be an excellent idea and help make the shoot run smoothly, however, this isn’t as necessary for a branded shoot as much as it’s required for a product shoot. Think about these things for your brand shoot:

  • Do you need professional style headshots for your website?
  • Do you want fun, engaging images for social media?
  • Do you need attention-grabbing images to use to stand out in your Facebook ads?


4. Find the right professionals

There are so many talented photographers, hair and makeup artists out there that it can be overwhelming on where to start to find the right people. The best place is by recommendation. Ask your friends, business connections or in Facebook groups.  When you’ve found someone in a convenient location to you, review their website and see if you connect with their style. If you like what you see then a face to face meeting is important with the photographer. You need to make sure you’re comfortable with them because you will probably be nervous on the day and you don’t want to look rigid in your shots, trust me!

PRO TIP: Use music calming music to help reduce nerves or high energy music during the shoot.


5. Planning the photoshoot day

Make sure you’re fully prepared for the day.  If you’ve chosen an outdoor shoot, trying to get changed in the car is challenging so why don’t you connect with a local café to be able to use their facilities to get changed, and you will, of course, purchase your crew’s coffees and sustenance at the café! You may even get some photos their too and tag them.


It’s shoot day, now what?

I know, I know you are most likely a little nervous (another good reason to choose a photographer you’re comfortable with) but put that energy into the day. Don’t take it too seriously, have some fun with it and let yourself go. Trust in your photographer that they will capture the angles and shot list that you’ve agreed on.


If you need help with coordinating your shoot let us help! Chat to Adore about how we can help you take the stress out of it. We’ve had plenty of experience in project managing product and brand personality shoots.

Adore your marketing, Natalie xx


Over to you

I’d love to hear if you’re considering a personal branding shoot and if you have any concerns about it? If you liked this article then please share.



  • 5 things you need to know about a personal branding shoot #photoshoot
  • Have you considered doing a personal branding photoshoot? #personalbranding
  • When you work for yourself you often become the face of your brand and part of the brand personality. When this happens you need to inject yourself into your brand, and by that, I mean a personal branding photoshoot. #creatingabrand


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