Did you know that 70% of people first find out about a business on Facebook? And that there are 15 million Australian’s on social media checking at least one social channel each day?  If you have a business, you need to utilise social media otherwise you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Most people use social media for, well, to be social. To keep up to date with what their friends are doing, to share their life but also to see what their favourite brands are doing. People want to be informed, to follow new brands and find out what businesses their friends are following [so they can follow them too].

We ADORE social media, especially social media for business, so we’ve put together 8 simple reasons why your business should jump on board.

1. New Audiences.

If you’re a business with a shop front, imagine if Socialite Sam with a gazillion Facebook friends ‘checked into’ or tagged your little boutique to share with her friends on Facebook. That would be a gazillion potential new eyeballs seeing your business and now they know where it is located too. Imagine if Socialite Sam did that and also shared a photo of one of your gorgeous shirts to her friends and followers? That’s an instant ‘advertisement’ to like-minded people who could click through on Sam’s tag of your business and land on your Facebook biz page.  Imagine if you had a ‘shop now’ button on your Facebook page that leads to your online store? That sounds like an instant sales lead to me! Fabulous as a freebie, thanks Sam, but did you know it’s actually a strategy known as influencer or affiliate marketing? This is an online social media strategy that can be hugely successful in growing your business. Ask Adore how you can make it work for you.

2. Website Traffic Driver.

If you have a website for your business, it acts as a 24/7 salesman but you need people to see your amazing site, after all, it’s the hub of your business. Social media is an ideal way to send traffic to it by adding a simple link to whatever content it is that you want your lovely, engaged tribe to spy. It’s a cost effective method to drive traffic to your site and it will help with your SEO efforts. Web crawlers will see which pages on your site are getting traffic and which are not, and can influence your website ranking.

3. Conversions. 

Social media is a way to connect with your customers and build a relationship with them. After all, it is called ‘social’ media for a reason, you need to interact with your audience and have a conversation, keeping them involved with your brand. Posting and running won’t cut it and will just waste your hard earned content planning. If you listen to your audience and join the conversation, you will create a loyal, engaged tribe of leads that may convert to sales.

4. Global Customers.

Do you sell your product or service online? Would you like to crack into a global market? Do you provide worldwide shipping? There is an opportunity to capture a global audience if you use social media to post content in the bleary hours of your morning, think 1AM – 4AM, which will be prime shopping time overseas. Who-dah thunk it!? [Thank goodness for social media scheduling tools… either that or you’ll need super strong coffee]!

5. Remain Competitive.

Look online, most of your competitors are on social media and you don’t want to be left behind, right? They are talking to your audience, potentially taking the limelight and diverting your customers away from you to them. And while we’re here, what about hashtags? Don’t let your competitors ‘own’ the hashtag for your product or industry [more on that later too]!

6. Brand Awareness.

It is so important to drive the awareness of your brand or business. Your brand says a lot about who you are and what the business offers. Social media can be used to drive your message to existing customers and new people. You can use social media to convey your story and when done strategically it can create brand loyalty and have strong social sharing ability to drive your awareness further.

7. Cost Effective Advertising.

Advertising on social media is low cost and you can target your audience in so many different ways including industry, interests, gender, age and even those with the same postcode as you. Great news if you have a shop front. Ever heard of a Facebook pixel? Install that and you can retarget those that visit your site off the back of a campaign, great news as these are the peeps more likely to convert to a sale.

8. It’s FREE!

If you do it yourself, setting up and running your social media is free, and who doesn’t love driving free awareness of your business? You will need to put time into planning your content to make sure it’s good stuff that people want to engage with [tip – you only have one second to grab someone’s attention on Facebook – make sure your content is GOOOOD!]. Spend time listening [a great way to to find out what your customers are interested in] and talking, engaging with not only your community but influencers to help grow your following. If you’re a savvy copywriter, that will come in handy too so you can capture your audience, encourage clicks and engagement. If you can manage this yourself, social media is free. If you were to hand the reigns over to a social media manager like Adore Marketing Collective you’re looking at a small spend each month.

Still need more reasons?  Find out here https://adoremarketingcollective.com.au/social-media-management/

And listen, if you are facing burn out in your business, especially during the start-up phase, you may like to get someone to help you build your social media, or at least set up your channels. We can help you with that too. Contact us and let us know what you need hello@adoremarketingcollective.com.au



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